Tip of the Month

March 2015- Gourmet Deviled Eggs

Spice up your deviled eggs. Blend in Underwood Liverwurst or Deviled Ham to add extra flavor to your appetizer.

Gourmet Deviled Eggs Recipe

February 2015- Super Bowl Must Haves

Appetizers are a must if you are hosting a Super Bowl party. Whether you make a buffalo chicken dip using Underwood Chicken Spread or Devil’s Dip using Underwood Deviled ham, it is sure to be a hit.

Devil's Dip Recipe

January 2015- Egg Sandwich Creation

Enjoy a delicious breakfast to start your day. On an English muffin, spread Underwood Deviled Ham and place in a toaster oven for 2 minutes. Remove and top with a fried egg and cheese of your choice.

Breakfast on a Muffin Recipe

December 2014- Lunch in Seconds

Enjoy a delicious sandwich in seconds. On your choice of bread, add Underwood Chicken Spread. Top with a tomato, mayo and some ground pepper.

Bread top with Mayonnaise and slice of tomato.

November 2014- Go To Appetizer

Looking for an appetizer to serve guests? Try our Beef & Blue Cheese Vegetable Dip. Serve with your favorite vegetables, like carrots and celery.

Beef & Blue Cheese Vegetable Dip Recipe

October 2014- Unbelievable Soup

Looking for more protein in your canned soup? Add your choice of Underwood Spreads to your soup.


September 2014- Quick & Tasty

Looking for a tasty quick snack? Try spreading a little Underwood Chicken Spread onto a rice cracker.


August 2014- Plentiful Breakfast

In a pan, melt butter and add Underwood Roast Beef Spread and diced potatoes. Cook on medium heat until browned. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Enjoy with eggs or toast.


July 2014- A Flavorful Suggestion

Making meatballs for dinner? Mix some Underwood into your meat for extra flavor prior to cooking.


June 2014- Grilled Cheese Tip

Are you a fan of grilled cheese? Add more flavor to your sandwich by spreading a little bit of Underwood Deviled Ham on your bread. Then top with cheese and cook until golden brown on both sides.


May 2014- A New Topping for Your Hotdog

Tired of the same old toppings for your hotdog? Try combining Underwood Deviled Ham, 2 Tbsp. ketchup, 2 Tbsp. mustard, ¼ cup chopped pickles and ¼ cup chopped red onion. Enjoy!


April 2014- Lunch Solution

It can be difficult to decide what to have for lunch. Try a ham wrap! Spread Underwood Deviled Ham and garlic & herb cheese spread on a tortilla. Add roasted red peppers and spinach or arugula. Roll up and enjoy.


March 2014- A Delicious Tip

Spice up your vegetables! Mix Underwood Roast Beef Spread with a little mayonnaise to create a fast & easy dip for carrots and crackers.

Mediterranian treat

February 2014- A Twist on Pizza

Looking for a new topping to add to your homemade pizza? Try adding Underwood Deviled Ham Spread with pineapple, to create a Hawaiian pizza.


January 2014- A Quick and Easy Lunch

Create a lunch in minutes. Toast 2 slices of bread. Spread Underwood Deviled Ham onto your bread and top with your choice of cheese, lettuce and tomato.


December 2013- Holidays with a Kick

Spice up your holiday season! Create a buffalo chicken dip. Combine 1 can of Underwood Buffalo Style Chicken Spread with 1/2 cup sour cream and 1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese. Serve with your favorite crackers.


November 2013- Holiday Appetizer

Create a delicious dip for your guests this holiday. Combine 2 cups of sour cream, 1 package of dry onion soup mix and 2 cans of Underwood Deviled Ham in a bowl. Serve with your choice of chips or crackers.


October 2013- Have A Mexican Night

Instead of tacos, make quesadillas for dinner. Take a tortilla and spread Underwood Roast Beef onto it. Add your favorite cheese and cover with a second tortilla. Heat in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds. Dip into salsa for that extra kick!


September 2013 – The Perfect Omelet

Energize yourself for the day! Create an Underwood Deviled Ham egg omelet. Simply add Underwood to your omelet, along with your favorite toppings, for a delicious and simple breakfast.


August 2013 – Try This!

Enjoy the perfect appetizer in minutes! First, spread cream cheese on your favorite crackers. Then apply a small amount of Underwood Deviled Ham. Together they create a delicious snack.

Underwood Spreads Cooking Tip of the Month