Top 10 Foods to Pack for Camping


10 Foods Great for Camping

Camping allows you to relax in the calm and beauty of nature. Just because you’re going camping, however, doesn’t mean you have to live off the land. Bring foods from home that are fit for outdoor living and everyone at the campsite will be happy!

1. Trail mix

– Dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Mix together snacks like dried cranberries, almonds and pumpkin seeds. You can even throw in chocolate chips for a sweet treat.

2. Bread and/or crackers

– These are the foundation for a good trip. Then you pack foods that can be used with them for meals and snacks every day of your stay.

3. Canned meats

– Canned tuna, chicken and Underwood deviled ham spread do not need refrigeration, and they’re delicious alone or paired with crackers or bread.

4. Fresh fruit

– Apples, bananas, raisins and grapes make fantastic portable, nutritious snacks or meals. You might want to wash the apples and grapes before you leave home. Be sure to let them dry before you pack them up.

5. Soup

– Canned soup or dry soup packets you mix with water make a nice treat on a cool night outdoors. Pick hearty soups that have a good mix of meats, veggies and noodles.

6. Granola or protein bars

– There are many choices of snack bars available. Go with ones lower in sugar and higher in protein and natural ingredients. They’re a convenient, tasty snack to pack on hikes or eat at the campsite as a quick breakfast or lunch.

7. Cream of Wheat or oatmeal

– Either choice makes a nice soothing breakfast after what could be a bumpy night of poor sleep. Plus, this is a great breakfast to help you warm up quickly on cool spring or fall mornings.

8. Peanut butter

– Is a crowd-pleasing, protein-packed, easy-to-spread food. You could also go a little healthier and use almond butter instead.

9. Veggies

– Wash, cut and prepare vegetables at home, and pack in easy-to-seal plastic bags or containers. Sliced carrots, sliced peppers, edamame and corn on the cob are great choices—for storing and for easy eating.

10. Easy-to-reheat first meal

– After traveling, setting up the tent and getting everyone settled, you want an easy and satisfying meal. The trick? Prepare something at home you can quickly heat up over a fire. A favorite of many campers is spaghetti and meatballs in tomato sauce. Bring your favorite and start off everyone’s trip with a smile.

Notice the mix-and-match quality of most of these ingredients. Apples are a great take-along snack for hiking, and they can also be chopped up and mixed with your Cream of Wheat. Underwood Deviled Ham Spread and peanut or almond butter can be spread on bread or crackers for a nice lunch.

Don’t forget to bring water and other liquids. Check with the campground first to see what’s available and allowed. And, most important, be sure to store your food safely at the campsite to prevent animals from getting too close to your food or you!