Top 5 Survival Foods

Emergencies happen when we least expect them, and it’s important to be prepared. Whether a bad storm has knocked your power out or your area is hit with a natural disaster, it is vital to keep your kitchen or basement stocked with survival foods. These foods should be high in calories and have a long shelf life. When stocking your home for emergencies, make sure to keep these top five survival foods in your emergency stash. All of these foods are inexpensive, so it’s easy to grab extras while you are on your regular run to the market.

Peanut butter is a great item to have in a survival kit. Peanut butter is full of protein, fat, and calories that are good to have if food is scarce. When stored in a cool and dry environment, peanut butter has a shelf life of approximately 5 years. It’s also ready to eat, so it’s great to have when there is no power for cooking or heating food.

Canned fruits and vegetables are absolutely essential to have in an emergency stockpile of food. Most canned fruits and veggies can be stored for up to 5 years before they go bad. Green beans and other green vegetables, pears, and peaches are great to keep in your stock of emergency survival foods.

Canned meats are another great choice for your emergency food supply. Most canned meats, such as Underwood Spreads, will keep in cool and dry conditions for several years. You will be able to get plenty of protein from canned meats, and there is a wide assortment to select from. Canned tuna, ham, and chicken are all good choices for your food stash.

Although it isn’t eaten by itself, salt is a great essential to have in your house in case of an emergency. Salt keeps forever, so you can always have it on hand. It can be used to store and cure meat, and it’s also perfect for adding flavor to the other food that you have in your stockpile.

Honey is another wonderful food to keep on hand in case of an emergency. Honey has an infinite shelf life. It is also great for adding sweetness and flavor to a variety of different foods. Honey is known for having antibiotic properties, so it can effectively help in healing wound as well as preventing sickness or shortening the length of an illness.

No one wants to think about being affected by a disaster, but it’s important to plan ahead to be prepared in case one does occur. You can be prepared for any type of disaster that comes your way by stocking your cellar, basement, or pantry with these inexpensive food items.